The Textured Luxury Bedding Collections

The luxury bedding collections have a wood frame texture and fittings. The color is creamy velvet. It has also a steep overlay inflated in the latte contain the bedding collection. The duvet concealment is completed by a cording. The dust skirts have the 20 inches drop. The brush outlying Catania frames are throw, sham, and pillow. It is edged as a European shams, pillows, and silkily flower pillow. The pillows are spotless and clean silkily throw bolsters. It is dry cleaning entirety else. Take the inspiration from the famous product. The collection is a luxurious bedding linen and hole-in-the-wall treatments. It is an advanced attention in details.

The luxury bedding collections are made by many kinds of materials such as rayon, cotton, polyester, and silkily. The product is dry cleaning. The scalloped comforter coverlet is vintage gold. The fortress blue bloomy fabric has a corded edging trim. The embellished trellis coverlet is inflated with the chenille truss. It is available to choose the colors when you are ordering. The frilled silkily dust skirts are 18 inches drop. The pieced throw is sized about 48 inches x 72 inches. It has a lattice curtain. There is also the rod-pocket smartness style and a scrubbed fringe. The materials are the cotton sateen covering.

The Bella bedding linens are golden brunette and slate cerulean brocade, queue crocodile, and stripy patterns. The coverlet concealment is blue and cocoa pattern. It reverses to the cotton. The dusty skirt is about 18 inches drop. The curtains are damask shutters and lined. The style is rod-pocket chic that include the tiebacks. The chenille florescent damask and blue queue linens are made from rayon or polyester. The streaky linen material options are polyester, silk, and rayon. The luxury bedding collections are made in USA and imported materials.


Gallery of The Textured Luxury Bedding Collections