How to Do Painting Basement Floor

Do you want to make your basement looks more interesting and awesome? Of course, you want. You just have to do painting basement floor to make your basement has different look. You might do this paint project by yourself because it is the easiest ways for you to paint your basement floor. You should not have be a professional one if you want to do this. You just have to be more creative and want to work hard to painting your basement floor.


If you are interesting want to paint your basement floor by yourself, you should take a look how to do painting basement floor by yourself. There are four steps that you have to do to get the interesting look in your basement. The first thing that you have to do is you should make sure the conditions of your basement floors are in the right conditions before you are going to start your project. You should not paint your basement floor if the room temperature exceeds 90 degrees F or colder. Second, you should clean your floor in the basement thoroughly. You should remove all of furniture in your basement, sweep it and scrub your basement floor with detergent and water mixture and clean it thoroughly.


Third, you should protect your baseboard and fixtures with the masking tape. By using the masking tape of your basement floor, you will complete your painting project faster. The last step is you might to choose any kinds of paint that you are going to use for this project. You might to use the epoxy floor paints for this project because the epoxy is an ideal for concrete floors, adhere well to concrete, scuff resistant, also the epoxy is easy to use. That is all four steps that you might to do for painting basement floor project that you can do by yourself.

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