Examples of Basement Flooring Ideas

When it comes to basement, you will discover that it is the additional room of you house where you can do some activities in the house such as for hobby room, workshop or office. With this fact, there are lots of basement flooring ideas depending on what you are going to do in the basement. There are some factors you need to think of on choosing the right flooring for the basement. The first one is the moisture level in the basement. It is needed because if the moisture level is too high, it may cause discoloration. The next would be deciding what you are going to do with your basement.

The first basement flooring ideas is painting the concrete. It is the simplest way because all you need to do is painting the whole concrete with specific paint for concrete. You can paint them depends on your taste. It would be better to apply a finishing sealer so that you can prevent any scratches and make the color lasts longer. The next would be rubber flooring which is perfectly fitted for an exercise room. It is cheap, affordable and easy to place. You can use it if you want to reduce the cold and the roughness of the hard surface. You may think to use hard wood or laminate when you want to bring up a cozy and warm atmosphere.

The next ideas to be considered would be the carpets. Carpet is always becoming a great idea especially when the moisture level of the basement isn’t becoming a problem. You can use carpets when you are about to make the basement as an exercise room. The last idea you can consider would be the tiles. Tiles would be great and fun. However, if your basement is already cold, installing the tiles will add the level of the coldness. Lastly, despite lots of basement flooring ideas you can search, basement should be decorated and designed carefully.

Gallery of Examples of Basement Flooring Ideas